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Queensland based serving the nation

Early years:

Since 6 years of age I would borrow my fathers camera, a Canon simple point and shoot camera. Mainly photographing aircraft at my local airport. At 12 years of age my parents went to the UK to live, where I was introduced to airshows, mountainscapes, snow and mountaineering expeditions, I was at home behind a camera capturing the fighter jets flying low and fast, capturing the scenery of my arduous walks and recording the transformation of tundra and rock covered mountain peaks as they turned pristine white in heavy snowfalls. On my 14 th birthday I joined the air training corps in Wales, this allowed me closer to the aircraft and onto airforce bases, when allowed I would capture aircraft and friends in action and the cockpits of some planes. At the age of 16 I commenced flying lessons to become a pilot, which enforced the fact that I was to join the air force but not necessarily initially to fly.

After joining initially as an avionics technician and later in my military career, retrained to become an RAAF photographer. It was then my life turned around and gave me a true direction in what I wanted in life. Within less than half a year after graduating as a professional photographer, I was airborne in various missions living my dream, flying and taking photos.

The Crux:

The crux of my career was when I became the offical photographer for the RAAF Roulettes for the 98/99 Season. Travelling and meeting with dignitaries weekly, being spot on with every shot I captured. Learning how to deal with demanding situations, long hours and developing rapport with the team pilots was so important. From my vantage point with the camera, I see things differently through the lens, the pilots had to trust my judgement as I required them to place their machine in the sky often within a body length of another plane to get the shot required - a lot of trust with over a combined $35 million worth of machinery in the sky Being immersed in a powerful machine, amongst a team of highly skilled pilots, capturing their lively hood of precision flying whilst immersed amongst the team and travelling to all locations around Australia was the start of my love for photography.

I was so passionate about my new career and realised I had a hidden talent for composing, seeing a scene as a technical drawing full of numbers indicating the exposures of a scene. I studied more and more in any time I had spare, technically as well as artistically I developing my skills.

Leaving a secure career:

Realising I was both technically and artistically minded, I left the security of a well paid career in the military to pursue my passion with no limits. I see up business in Mooloolaba in 2000. Initially shooting weddings and portraiture. To mainly now corporate, advertising, aviation and weddings. I shoot branding images, high profile portraits such as QLD Governor, Prime ministers over the years, sporting stars, international singers, high end architecture for architects and developers, extreme sports, scientific research images, aerial engineering imagery, tertiary and secondary education images for marketing purposes, family portraits and weddings.

What’s Different:

I refuse to be influenced by other photographers. How they create their images, what style they have….. I created and fine tuned my own style, the way I light the scene - after all to master this craft you have to know about light to it’s finest detail. I have studied the properties of all kinds of lighting sources.

I have created my own style of photography. Unique and different from the rest, I’m not afraid like most to push my limits, my clients like to achieve the very best possible.


Formerly trained by the Royal Australian Air Force as a professional photographer in 1996. This gave me industry recognised qualifications in both photography and videography. Numerous courses since graduating have been attended to, some courses lasting 4 weeks in duration.


Qualified personal trainer


Qualified helicopter rescue crewman


Experienced in vertical rescue, abseiling and rock climbing


Qualified swimming teacher

I mention these as parts of my photographic career has required me to be in dangerous positions, due to my training. I am experienced enough to bring in heavy duty equipment to place me in rather obscure vantage points to get the best photo for my clients. Such as shots off cliff faces, over raging rivers, off bridges. I place myself in the danger whilst my clients are safe, if this is to obtain the perfect shot - then this is how I achieve what I achieve.

Flew in the F/A 18 Hornet jet fighter as part of my photographic duties and was official ground and airborne photographer with the RAAF aerobatic team - The Roulettes. I have thousands of hours in fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

I contract to a heliport company. My role is to capture close up detailed shots of the cross arms and insulators of electricity posts. Whilst operating a special laser scanner and military grade hardware and programs. A very difficult job at 350 feet at 100km/h. Every shot must be perfectly exposed and focussed. This contract is worth millions of $ to the company, I’m one of their senior photographers and only one of 12 qualified photographers in Australia to undertake this work.

I worked for the University of QLD for 4 years, was meant to take me to retirement - but a new director said the university doesn’t need full time photographers!! Well much to my dismay and my colleague we lost our jobs in 2011. During this time I implemented the branded look of the entire university for imagery. Spent thousands of hours working closely with scientists in labs and out in the field. Creating a look equivalent to the National Geographic in the way we created images. Most of these shoots we time sensitive. Therefore perfect planning and organisational qualities were paramount to achieve the plethora of work one hand.

I cover various charitable work yearly. Private small scale charities and larger ones such as Camp Quality, Make a Wish Foundation.

Produced the offical portraits for the Governor of QLD in 2015 his excellency Paul de Jersey. Worked closely with Prime Ministers Rudd and Gillard on portrait and ceremonial photoshoots.

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